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Smol Bun Bun



Smol knitted bun bun ornament

Made by talented women artisans in the Andes Mountains of Peru. 

Each smol bun bun can be pawsonalized and comes in its own fabric pouch. Cute!! 

Gift wrapped beautifully

Ships free with the Bear Hugs Book

These products are Fair Trade, which means that your purchase supports the artisan community and their family through fair trade practices and wages.

Bear & Hugs bunny believe that kindness starts at the source and supporting artistan communities across the globe is a pawsonal mission.


Special Features

1] Each products is handmade and darling 

2] Gives out pawsitive vibes at all times 

3] Can be pawsonalized with the name of the person on a twill ribbon that is stamped and then sewn on the back, making it a beautiful keepsake and thoughtful gift 

4] Made with locally sourced Alpaca wool -  means is soft frens 

5] Has a loop on top so it can be hung as a decorative ornament 


*This is not a toy



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