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The Bear Hugs Book


Inspired by the true story of love and friendship between Bear the puppy and Hugs the bunny

This heartwarming tale is told through actual photographs of Bear & Hugs and illustrations that were inspired by their interactions. 

This book is about kindness & empathy towards others. 

The story : Bear is looking for his super power and Hugs bunny helps him discover what it is.

Bear has an innate ability to empathize with another’s situation and treat them with kindness & affection. He is guided by these inherent qualities when he meets animals along his journey and makes them feel cared for, lessens their despair and uplifts them.

His superpower is that he is empathetic, warm and considerate towards others.

In Japanese, there is one word for it “omoiyari”, and that is the philosophy behind everything Bear Hugs 



Customer Reviews

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Incredible wrapping

Cute book but the wrapping is over the top adorable. Would make the best gift.

Anastasiia Erastova
Absolutely Wholesome!

Beautiful presentation, beautiful illustrations, beautiful book. You can see how much thought and care went into creating this story and visualizing it. I might be 26 but this book absolutely touched my heart. It teaches such an important lesson, and no matter whether you are a child or an adult, it will warm your heart as well!

The BEST story for anyone

If you want to be swept away in a beautifully crafted story about friendship, kindness and love, THIS IS THE BOOK! Wonderful illustration with a heart-capturing storyline. Truly relatable, especially for young minds but really for everyone. EVERYTIME my nieces + nephews visit, they pull out the book, get settled in and read through with smiles and delight! The packaging is personalized to perfection, very unique and extremely thought-out. The box, ribbon, stamps and paper are like no other. You can feel the love and attention that was poured into every step! This is my go-to gift for the kids and it never fails.

Terrible Twos Tantrum Cure!

Ideal story for one of those meltdowns! The kind where you’ve tried all the other things and realize a screen will need to be involved. And a puppy. And a bunny. You watch some adorable interspecies friendship, and then shift to snuggles and reading about the friends in a wonderfully written, funny, and endearing story in real life…certain two year olds promptly drift off, and all is right with the world. The packaging is so lovely and thoughtful! The personalisations are (add the bookbag, it’s well worth it) a delight for adults and kids alike!

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